About me

About me

I’m an amputee who loves a challenge.

Having lost my leg 18 years ago and becoming deafened as a result of Post Traumatic Stress caused by the initial incident I turned myself firstly to learn British Sign Language. Having passed my teaching qualification during the same process I became a recognised teacher in a local college of FE where I taught approximately 2000 predominantly hearing peers to Level 3 proficiency.

The process of adapting to life as a deaf amputee was in the initial early stages very difficult as you can imagine but with some support from various people and encouragement I pressed on in the hope that my hearing would return to some degree. 3 years on and my hearing began to improve to where it is today at 50% in both ears.

Because of those early years I adapted and accepted life would be different from this point on but I never thought I would achieve what I have.

So what makes me an athlete?

From a youth to adult I have participated in many sports. Each sport being either a team i.e. football, cricket etc to individual sports such as discus and athletics. In my youth I became the AAA county champion discus thrower and won various cups and medals along the way. For me sport has been and is still the main driving force within me and hence my current aspirations to meet the standard required to compete internationally for Great Britain in archer and shooting.

Some may not see the physical challenges I have undertaken over the past 18 years as sport, but in the same process I have raised over £250,000 for various charities. I view them as sport as it is a physical activity which pushes the boundaries and hopefully encourages others to have a go.

In Early 2016 I was invited to run the Great Wall of China and in doing so was awarded a World Record as being the first male to have participated in this gruelling event with Official World Records. On my return I decided I wanted to something completely different and what would take a lot of commitment to achieve.

Why Tokyo 2020

On my return from China I was encouraged to apply for the British “Discover your Gold” programme www.uksport.gov  in which disabled people are encouraged to apply and if successfully shortlisted and you are invited to attend trials for Tokyo, I was fortunate in this process and shortlisted to the 300 who were invited to trial in a number of sports including Archery and Shooting. Having now achieved passing the selection process my main focus is on archery and this website and Facebook page is all about my journey to meet the levels required to get toTokyo.

My thanks goes to a number of people who have supported and encouraged me over the years but more recently to Dorset Orthopaedic who are my sponsor in all things prosthetics and my archery equipment along with Aim4sport where I train every day.